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Attention Tandem Equipment Users

Our newest Tandem competitor is telling their potential customers that “any reserve that fits into their container is approved”.  Just because it fits doesn’t mean it will work, even your laundry will fit into a reserve container. In reality there is more to it than just the reserve canopy fitting in our Tandem systems. This competitor did not test our reserve in their container. We have not tested our reserve in their container.

Until this incompatibility issue is addressed do not put Strong Enterprises components in any other container not tested and approved.

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Trade-In Program

Get a discount on new gear by trading in your old gear. Yes, we take [ any ] old gear, even if we didn't make it!

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USB Packing Manuals

In an attempt to reduce rigger frustrations and time searching for packing manuals Strong Enterprises has put our packing manuals on a USB drive that fits in the packing data pocket.

This unobtrusive drive contains the current packing manuals in PDF format that can be downloaded to the computer, or just left on the drive. Riggers will no longer have to search for manuals, just pull the drive from the data pocket, insert into your computer drive, and start packing.

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Re-Certification Centers

Authorized Service Centers can perform Re-Certifications on your Strong Equipment.

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Service Bulletins

We publish and archive all Service Bulletins online.

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Get your Tandem Rating

Enjoy the privilege of taking people for their first jump. There's an examiner near you.

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Yes we do that, too. A powerhouse in a niche industry, with all the experience to boot, we are small enough to adapt custom solutions for you and large enough to meet your needs.