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Full Time Entry Level Inspector (Parachute Rigger)
Strong Enterprises is looking for an entry-level Inspector/Rigger. Position requires inspection and packing of Tandem and Sport systems. Qualified candidates should have a FAA parachute rigging certificate with back, seat, and chest ratings. Applicants who do not currently hold a FAA parachute rigging certificate must be willing and able to obtain one within 6 months of hire date. Current certificated riggers with only one or two ratings must be willing to obtain the additional ratings within 3 months of hire date. Applicant should be highly motivated, detail-orientated, and able to self manage his/her time.

Job duties will include:
- Pre-inspection of canopies and harnesses.
- Final inspection of canopies, harnesses and containers.
- Incoming inspection of items sent in for repair.
- Installation of lines on canopies.
- Installation of components on harness/containers.
- Assembly of complete systems.
- Packing of round and ram-air canopies.
- Keeping an organized and clean work area.
- Minimal computer use.

Benefits offered include paid holidays, paid vacation, paid personal/sick days, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, and a company matched 401K Program.

If you are interested there are two ways to apply, please choose what will work best for you.
Option One Email your resume to .
Option Two Fax your resume to (407) 850-6978.