[ our team ]

We work hard for you! While many talented people are working to bring you the products and services you enjoy, here are just a few of the key personnel you may encounter.

D. Kelley

Production Manager

She has been with Strong Enterprises since 1983. With over 35 years of parachute rigging experience Kelley is the BEST there is, and Strong Enterprises is proud to have her. She has worked on every major project during the last 30+ years and has rigged, packed, maintained, and repaired them all. Kelley travels to Air Shows and Clinics all over and many pilots have come to rely on her attention to detail and quick turn-around time for their packing needs.


Chuck McHugh

Head of R&D

He has been with Strong Enterprises since 1995. He is also known to work in the engineering, inspection, and tandem departments. Chuck is a Master Rigger, private pilot and tandem instructor with over 3700 Tandem jumps. He is a veteran of thirty years in skydiving with over 6000 sport jumps. Chuck has given many presentations at PIA as well as Drop Zones across the country on Tandem equipment and jumping. When he isn't playing with parachutes Chuck can be found playing on his boat in the intracoastal waterways, exploring, fishing, and just relaxing.


Mike Rinaldi

Vice President

He has been with Strong Enterprises since December 2003. Mike can be found in the office or out in the field with Strong Enterprises providing sales, service and support to our customers in Tandem, Sport, Pilot and Military industries all around the world. Mike grew up in the Bronx, NY and moved to Florida in 2002. He has been skydiving since August 24, 1999 (D-24196). He is a Coach, Strong Tandem Instructor/Examiner and a senior rigger.


Cody Kelso

Sales Manager

He has been with Strong Enterprises since January 2012. Cody handles most of the shipping and receiving of customer gear and orders. He’s also helps handle repairs, tandem administration and sales. So he’s either in the office with Mike and Frank or out boxing up the TNT’s you ordered. Cody grew up right here in Kissimmee FL and is looking forward to a great future with the company.


Sammy Rosado


He has been with Strong Enterprises since 1989. He started as a line cutter but continued growing, learning and improving. Sammy is a Senior Parachute Rigger. He is responsible for inspection, packing, rigging, maintaining and making minor repairs. When not working he enjoys spending time with family, friends and playing the piano.


Dave Rodriguez

Sales Associate

He has been with Strong Enterprises since 2015. He is learning the ropes of the sales department and eager to enter the skydiving world. When he is not at Strong Enterprises Dave teaches, and composes music for several high school drumlines. He loves spending time with his family and newborn daughter.


Francesco Tartaglione

Tandem Field Representative

Originally from Italy, he has over 20 years in the Italian Army Airborne Division as a Sergeant Major E9. Francesco is a Tandem Instructor/Examiner, MTTB Examiner, AFF Instructor, Static Line Instructor, Coach, Wind Tunnel Instructor and FAA Certificated Senior Rigger.