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Happy Thanksgiving!!

by Strong Enterprises for Public
Thursday, November 24, 2016

USB Packing Manuals!

by Strong Riggers for Public
Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When buying new items how many people actually keep the owner manuals accessible? The answer is very few. Most people will throw the owner manual in a corner, file, or even the trash.

For parachute systems this forces the riggers to then look online, or contact the gear manufacturer in order to pack the system. In an attempt to reduce rigger frustrations and time searching for packing manuals Strong Enterprises has put our packing manuals on a USB drive that fits in the packing data pocket.

This unobtrusive drive contains the current packing manuals in PDF format that can be downloaded to the computer, or just left on the drive. Riggers will no longer have to search for manuals, just pull the drive from the data pocket, insert into your computer drive, and start packing.

Tandem Newsletter 43

by Strong Tandem for Public
Monday, September 01, 2014

Commitment to Safety

The Art of Continual Improvement

As a Tandem Instructor, you are crucial to the future of our sport. Strong Enterprises commitment to you includes a sub clause: a commitment to safety for both you and your student.

We can only make that happen with your help, we'll provide you with the tools but you must commit to use them. Take the time to review procedures and follow written guidelines.

There is no greater source of information than you, our amazing Tandem Instructors, we welcome feedback, suggestions, and anecdotes so that we can all learn from our collective experience.

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Tandem Newsletter 42

by Strong Tandem for Public
Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Welcome to More

The Art of Continual Improvement

You're not the average person, you are a Skydiver. You're not even the average Skydiver, you are a Tandem Instructor. You strive for ways to experience more.

Let us help! It is our intent with this email newsletter to support the Tandem Training program at all levels: from the first time student, to the instructor candidate, the seasoned TI and the Examiner. Each month we will cover topics ranging from jump stories to tips on maintaining the gear to history and more. Strong Enterprises embarks on a new way to provide our valuable Instructors with more ...

More information! More education! More news! More opportunities! More networking!

See the entire Newsletter here.

SB #34 Compatible Components

by Rigging for Public
Sunday, June 01, 2014

Subject: Components approved as compatible for use in any Strong Tandem system


Status: Mandatory

Identification: All Strong Tandem Systems - This Service bulletin supersedes prior Service Bulletins 22, 28, 29, 31, 32 & 33

Background: Strong Enterprises has determined that Strong Tandem Systems with components not approved as compatible by Strong Enterprises present a hazard that is not acceptable for tandem jumping.

Service Bulletin: A) Only components approved as compatible by Strong Enterprises may be used on the Strong Tandem System for tandem jumping. B) From this point forth all components approved as compatible for use in a Strong Tandem system will be listed as an attachment to that systems most current owners manual downloaded from our website and as a list of "Components Approved as Compatible” by itself available from our website. You can also get confirmation by contacting Strong Enterprises.

Explanation: Strong Enterprises has taken a proactive step to ensure public safety and the safety of our certified Tandem Instructors by regulating the use of components that Strong Enterprises has not tested or approved as being compatible. These unapproved items must not be used in any Strong Tandem systems. Strong Tandem Systems that are not in compliance are considered to be un-airworthy. Any certified Strong Enterprises Tandem Instructor whom knowingly enters an aircraft with the intention of making a Tandem jump using a Strong Tandem System containing non-approved components automatically voids his/her Strong Enterprises Tandem Instructor Certification.

Effective Date:  June 1st, 2014

Authority:  Strong Enterprises, 11236 Satellite Blvd. Orlando, FL 32837, U.S.A.

Distribution: www.strongparachutes.com, current Strong Tandem system owners manual, TICC syllabus, all dealers, all recert centers, all Tandem Examiners, and general Tandem Instructor email list.