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Happy Thanksgiving!! 11/24/2016 General
USB Packing Manuals! 4/7/2015 General When buying new items how many people actually keep the owner manuals accessible? The answer is very few. Most people will throw the owner manual in a corner, file, or even the trash. For para
Tandem Newsletter 43 9/1/2014 Instructors Commitment to Safety The Art of Continual Improvement As a Tandem Instructor, you are crucial to the future of our sport. Strong Enterprises commitment to you includes a sub clause: a commi
Attention Tandem Equipment Users 8/28/2014 General Our newest Tandem competitor is telling their potential customers that “any reserve that fits into their container is approved”.  Just because it fits doesn’t mean it will wo
Tandem Newsletter 42 7/1/2014 Instructors Welcome to More The Art of Continual Improvement You're not the average person, you are a Skydiver. You're not even the average Skydiver, you are a Tandem Instructor. You strive for
SB #34 Compatible Components 6/1/2014 Service Bulletins Subject: Components approved as compatible for use in any Strong Tandem system   Status: Mandatory Identification: All Strong Tandem Systems - This Service bulletin supersedes prio
Continuing Ed exanding 1/1/2014 Dashboard Soon you can find some amazing resources in this area!
Tandem Instructor Questionnaire requested 1/1/2014 Instructors We hope your skydiving season has brought you fun, excitement and new adventures to treasure. For those starting your skydiving season, you have the best to come, remember to keep it safe. With the 20
Annual Renewals requested 1/1/2014 Examiners Your T/I Examiner Letter of Designation will expire on 12/31/13. You can send in your renewal application NOW. Letters will be mailed out in January. Examiners who submit a renewal application DO NOT
Teds New Tandem (TNT) Container 1/1/2014 General We have designed the TNT with you in mind! The container fits snuggly around the body and is padded in all the right places to provide the most comfortable system available. The instructor harness
USB Packing Manuals 7/1/2013 In an attempt to reduce rigger frustrations and time searching for packing manuals Strong Enterprises has put our packing manuals on a USB drive that fits in the packing data pocket. This unob
Air Ministry 1940 and AAF 1943 parachutes 2/15/2013 General The following article was published in the February 2013 edition of Aeroplane and featured the customized work of Strong Enterprises' talented team.
Aerodyne A2 Canopies Approved 8/10/2012 General We are pleased to announce the release of Service Bulletin #3 which approves the Aerodyne Tandem Main Canopy "A2" in sizes: 350, 370, adn 389 for use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System. See t
SB#33 Aerodyne Main Canopy 8/9/2012 Service Bulletins Superseded by SB#34                                                
Honoring a Legend 4/7/2012 General A talented group of skydivers took to the sky on April 7, 2012 to commemorate a legend, Ted Strong. Watch video of the event here.
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