DHT Bare Bones Container Assembly
DHT Bare Bones Container Assembly
Price: $2,750.00
Trade-In Bare Bones:
Trade-In Harness & Container
Since 1983, the durable Dual Hawk Tandem System has proven itself as a leader in safety and reliability. The patented 3-D Ring attachment points connect the main parachute, and Student to the Instructor. This unique design allows the Instructor to fly unencumbered by the weight of the Student. The drogue attaches in the center to provide the most natural and stable freefall position and remains fully inflated throughout canopy deployment to ensure quick, reliable openings.


The Dual Hawk Tandem container is made from the best materials available. The cordura is strong enough to last for thousands of jumps, while the harness is made with type 7 webbing helping to keep both Instructor and Student secure during their jump. This Dual Hawk Tandem Bare Bones Container Assembly comes with:

  • Harness/Container
  • Reserve Toggles
  • Cutaway Handle
  • Reserve Ripcord
  • RSL
  • Instructor and Student Ripcords
Bare Bones Harness/Container Assembly does not include Student Harness, Main Canopy componets, drogue, canopies or AAD.


You can trade in your older components for a discount! We allow trade-ins for the Master Reserve, Harness/Container, SET-366 and SET-400 Main canopies as well as the Student Harness. Trade-in's of Tandem gear from any manufacture accepted.

The Dual Hawk Tandem System can only be purchased by an appropriately rated Strong Tandem Instructor or by a Dropzone Operator staffed with Strong rated Tandem Instructors. (In the event of a purchase request by an unrated individual or Dropzone Operator without Strong rated staff, training can be provided at an additional cost.) The Dual Hawk Tandem System must be purchased with an approved AAD installed, unless it is being shipped to a country that requires AAD for tandem jumping and the AAD was bought separately.