Quasar Trainer
Quasar Trainer
Price: $2,379.00
Quasar Trainer Config:
Freefall Configuration
AFF with main ripcord
AFF with BOC
Freefall/AFF Combo
Quasar Trainer SL:
Static Line
Quasar Trainer Direct Bag:
PC Assist/Direct Bag
Quasar Trainer SOSBHDA:
SOS (Single operating system)
BHDA (Both handles do all)
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Quasar Trainer stripes:
Midflap Stripes
Quasar Trainer pouch:
2nd Pouch (leg/BOC)
Add AAD 1-pin:
Add Cypres AAD 1-pin CALL FOR PRICE
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Add Mars M2 AAD 1-pin CALL FOR PRICE
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The same quality and best features of the Quasar II sport rig have been incorporated into the Quasar Trainer: Great looks, durable, comfortable, full range of motion, and flaps that stay closed in freefall. Quasar Trainers are durable and easy to pack. Order a Quasar Trainer and we will build it with your drop zone's specific student program in mind.

The Quasar Trainer offers these standard features:

  • Fully adjustable main lift web
  • B-12 snaps on legs
  • Molar type reserve freebag and pilot chute
  • Metal release housings
  • See-thru Cypres control panel on top of reserve container
  • Cypres ready
  • RSL Reserve Static Line
  • Type VIII main risers with steering toggles
  • Owners manual


Includes hand deploy main pilot chute and choice of leg strap or BOC spandura pouch location.
AFF with main ripcord
Includes leg junction or BOC mounted main ripcord, Grabber main pilot chute, and AFF left side jumpmaster main release.
AFF with BOC hand deploy
Includes BOC AFF pouch, hand deploy main pilot chute, and AFF left side jumpmaster main release.
Freefall / AFF combination
Includes all gear described in Freefall package and AFF with main ripcord package.
Pilot chute assist / Direct bag
Available with either AFF Package. Allows rig to be used static line with pilot chute assist.
Static line
Includes 8’ or 12’ static line and stow bands

SOS Single operating system
BHDA Both handles do all system
Midflap stripes
Monogram Personalization
Add 2nd pouch (leg and std BOC)