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The UltraFly System is designed to carry small loads from 250 lbs to 700 lbs to a precise point on the DZ. Utilizing a collapsible cone drogue allows for extended drogue fall. Pre-programmed GPS altitude or drogue fall time releases the main parachute, a MC-4 or MC-5 canopy, with GPS aided navigation guides the system to the target. Once in the target area it flares to a soft precise landing.

GPS lock prior to drop is NOT required. Shortly after deployment, GPS will acquire and autonomous navigation will begin.

On its very first flight, the UltraFly proved why it was the best: With a payload of 500 lbs dropped from 19,000 ft AGL, the UltraFly landed within 20 meters of the target!

Of the first 13 UltraFly drops:

  • Six were within 50 meters.
  • Five were within 100 meters.
  • Only two were beyond 150 meters.


UltraFly has been developed in partnership with WaMore, Inc.

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