JumpmasterSafety Harness
Safety Harness
Price: $515.00

An important safety component for any Air Crew, our fully adjustable Jumpmaster Safety Harness allows for maximum comfort and usability by multiple people. The adjustable safety lanyard allows the user to select a length customized for the aircraft or intended use.

The harness is made using 8,000 lb webbing; the safety lanyard uses 4,000 lb tubular; all hardware is rated between 2,500 and 5,000 lbs.

In the event the user is extracted from the aircraft, the harness will distribute shock load forces, substantially reducing the chance of injury. The support of a full body harness keeps blood circulating, which reduces pain and the chance of injury while waiting for rescue. The Jumpmaster Safety Harness can also be used as a restraint system, which prevents aircrew members from reaching points where extraction can occur.

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