SB#11 DHT Drogue Riser

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Dual Hawk Tandem Drogue Riser

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Strong Enterprises Dual Hawk Tandem part no. 1165-4 (TSO label references SE assembly drawing No. 1151).

BACKGROUND: If the hook Velcro on the drogue riser protector flap is facing towards the cables, then any unmated portion of the hook Velcro could catch on the ends of the cloth through loop. We have found that even a small amount of tension from the hook Velcro can prevent the release of the rings and drogue.

SERVICE BULLITEN: For any drogue risers found with the hook Velcro facing towards the ripcord cables, remove the Velcro and reinstall it with the hook facing away from the ripcord cables when the ripcord protector flap is closed. If it is not possible to change the Velcro before the next jump, then when inspecting the ripcord cables, make sure the protector flap Velcro is completely mated.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Senior or Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Prior to Next Jump

DISTRIBUTION: DHT owners/operators on record,

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