MC-4 Tactical Solo Free Fall System

Military, Personnel

MC-4 Tactical Solo Free Fall System


Manufactured and approved by the U.S. Government on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for complete MC-4 systems and sub-components.

The MC-4 Ram Air Freefall parachute system, designed with US Army Natick funding, is the military standard for freefall parachute systems around the world. The main and reserve canopies are 7-cell, 370 sq. ft. spanwise constructed.

The Harness is adjustable at 7 points, and has provisions for a main ripcord release or reserve automatic acitvation device (AAD). With an adjustable belly band, its 4 equipment rings accept all current oxygen bottles, radios, navigation aids, weapons, rucksacks, equipment bags and lowering lines.

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