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Step 1: Pre-Qualifications
An applicant must have the following:
**If only missing the "cut-away" requirement talk to your Examiner as special equipment is available to satisfy this requirement.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Three Years Skydiving Experience
  • 500 free-fall jumps
  • USPA for FAI expert license
  • 50 jumps within the last year
  • Instructor or Coach rating
  • One intentional or emergency cut-away**
  • Four hours of free-fall time
  • Current FAA Class III Flight Physical, or Parachuting Physical approved by a national parachuting association or military.


FAA Requirements

  • Three Years Skydiving Experience
  • 500 free-fall jumps
  • USPA for FAI expert license

Step 2: Buy the TICC Packet

TICC Packets can be purchased by calling Paradigm at: 407-859-9317 or e-mail at:

Keep in mind that packets are typically mailed using US Postal Service. Order your packet early enough that you are able to review the materials before your class.

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You will be expected to provide proof that you meet all requirements to your Examiner, which will be provided with your completed course paperwork. You will also be expected to follow all instructions, participate in discussions, and successfully complete a certain amount of training jumps before your Instructor rating will be issued.

Your Examiner is there to teach and guide you. Ask questions and listen to his/her advice. They have been chosen as Examiners for their experience, expertise, and professionalism.

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For the most part your paperwork will be complete by the end of your course. Your Examiner will either provide you with the completed forms to mail to us or mail them for you. However, you will need to complete and submit your "Phase II" form BEFORE you will be given your Tandem Instructor Rating. If the paperwork is not complete or illegible your rating will be delayed.

Gaining experience and staying current are important for Tandem Instructors. We request an annual questionnaire about your jumps in order to keep our information current.


Where it all began...

On January 15, 1983, inventor of the Tandem System, Ted Strong made the first ever Tandem jump with employee Ricky Meadows, "the lady who made the parachutes we jumped," recalled Ted later.