SB#14 Tandem Main Riser

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Tandem Main Riser Damage

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Strong Enterprises main risers, made of type VIII webbing, on Dual Hawk Tandem systems installed on: Master main canopy, part no. 410064,(prior to serial number 495, manufactured August 25, 1991); or T-500/T-520 main canopies, part no. 410076/410075 (prior to serial number 112, manufactured August 25, 1991).

BACKGROUND: Over the last four months Strong Enterprises has received notification of several main risers failing. The manufacturing dates on these risers span several years. All failures have occurred at the toggle pocket location on the rear riser. SEE SKETCH: Because neither age nor number of jumps is a reliable gauge, it is not possible to determine ahead of time when a failure might occur.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Please notify us by returning the enclosed postcard with the information requested . Upon receipt of this information we will send you a new pair of main risers so you can exchange them with the pair presently on your canopy. The old pair needs to be returned to Strong Enterprises.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Senior or Master parachute rigger or parachute loft.

COMPLIANCE DATE: January 2, 1992.

DISTRIBUTION: Dual Hawk Tandem owners,

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