SB#16 Specific 3-D Rings Grounded

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Specific Tandem 3-D Rings Grounded

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Instructor harnesses of following Dual Hawk Tandem Systems, PN 1165-4 (Ref: assembly drawing 1151): Serial numbers 107067-206098 Manufactured between July 1991-June 1992. Except those with replaced rings which have a lot number stamped on the front of the 3-D ring.

BACKGROUND: We have discovered two 3-D Rings from this lot of hardware that deformed because they were not hardened (tempered) properly. As a matter of precaution, we will replace the 3-D rings on the affected Dual Hawks.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Check serial number and date of manufacture. Stop using the affected equipment immediately. Remove the handles and reserve. Send the harness/container assembly to Strong Enterprises prepaid. The replacement of the rings and shipping both ways will be free of charge if returned to Strong Enterprises by October 1, 1992. We will return equipment via the same carrier and priority. We anticipate a turn-around time of 2 weeks maximum.


COMPLIANCE DATE: Prior to Next Jump.

DISTRIBUTION: Registered owners by serial number, DHT Examiners, parachute publications, FAA,

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