SB#17 Stiffener to Reinforce CYPRES AAD

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Stiffener To Reinforce CYPRES AAD

STATUS: Recommended

IDENTIFICATION: Strong Enterprises Dual Hawk Tandem, part no. 11 65-4 (TSO tag references S. E. assembly drawing 1 1 51), which have an Airtec CYPRES automatic actuation device installed.

BACKGROUND: At a local drop zone, a Tandem Cypres was nonfunctional. In repacking the reserve, the Cypres was found to be broken in half. The drop zone has three Dual Hawks with Cypreses that have been in service for two years. Their other units were fine. It is believed that pressure and vibration from the harness backstraps under the reserve stressed the casing. We have found cracks may occur on either side of the case on the mold line where the three sections of the case join, or separation may occur along this mold line. Some new, unused units have been found to have cracks in the casing, one crack occurred while putting a new Cypres into its pocket. According to Airtec, the metal casing inside the plastic casing was slightly too big on some units, but the problem has been resolved.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Visually inspect the Cypres case for cracks. According to Airtec, if the crack is not too bad, you can leave it like it is and continue using the unit--the crack does not affect the function and safety of the unit. Reinforce units with a stiffener supplied by Strong Enterprises: Position stiffener plate over the data panel of the Cypres and wrap photographer's "gaffer's tape" or duct tape (or equal) tightly around the stiffener and AAD at both ends of the stiffener (across the width of the Cypress).

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Senior or master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.

COMPLIANCE DATE: At next reserve repack.

DISTRIBUTION: DHT owners, Tandem Newsletter, PIA, Parachutist, Skydiver Magazine,

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