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35 ft. diameter
42 ft. diameter

For airborne operations the SET-10 and SET-10XL are steerable round canopies designed to put operators safely on the ground from lower altitudes. The SET-10 contains a steerable, 35-foot diameter parabolic shaped canopy, with anti-inversion netting. Its 30 gores are block constructed using non-porous, high UV resistant, ripstop nylon. Very little air passes through the material, resulting in slower-than-normal rate of descent and consequently softer landings, especially welcomed at higher field elevations or with heavy payloads.

The steering modification is a 7-TU configuration optimizing forward speed and turning ability. The two largest steering vents are covered with netting eliminating inversions. The maneuvering vents are controlled by steering lines running to toggles at the risers.

The SET-10 is unique in its performance while similar to the MC-1-1B in size and gore shape, and similar to the MC-1-1C in its non-porous material. The SET-10 non-porous, UV resistant canopy cloth results in forward speed and turn rates comparable to the MC-1-1B while the rate of descent is significantly reduced. This fact alone reduces landing injuries, thus improving overall mission effectiveness.

The block construction of the SET-10 significantly reduces the time and effort required for repairs.


Shape Parabolic
Size (diameter) 35'
Number of Gores 30
Suspended Weight Range 100-350 lbs
Deployment Speed Range

60-150 kts

Rate of Descent 10 fps (150 lbs)
13 fps (200 lbs)
16 fps (300 lbs)
Forward Speed 8-10 mph
Opening Time 2.9 sec (150 kts)



Shape Parabolic
Size (diameter) 42'
Number of Gores 30
Suspended Weight Range 200-425 lbs
Deployment Speed Range

60-165 kts

Rate of Descent 13 fps (225 lbs)
15 fps (425 lbs)
Forward Speed 8-10 mph
Opening Time 2.6 sec (165 kts)