Quasar II
Quasar II
Price: $2,379.00
Quasar II or IIS:
Quasar II
Quasar IIS "Shorty"
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Lowest production times in the industry!  The elegant design of our sport rig makes it the best choice for Skydivers  who demand the highest quality and the best service from a gear manufacturer.  Custom fit rewards you with full range of motion, and balanced riser covers and container flaps make the Quasar II very easy to pack.

Quasar II reserve container pack volume range:  265-700 cu. in.  Main pack volume range:  up to 800 cu. in.  Quasar II ships complete with:

  • 1" Type 17 Main risers & Chest Strap
  • Articulated Harness
  • Patented Strong Kill-Line Collapsible Main Pilot Chute
  • Leather Hackey Handle
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve ripcord & Cutaway Handle
  • Main and reserve deployment bags
  • Main and reserve toggles
  • Embroidered Quasar II Logo
  • Hook Knife
  • Owners manual


Stainless Steel Hardware is great looking and long lasting. Our unique tuck-flap design provides both pin-protection and easy access for gear checks. Narrow yoke fits comfortably and keeps the rig securely in place. Double-wide leg straps for added comfort. AAD ready & RSL Equipped. 1" Type 17 risers and step-in leg strap hardware are standard; B-12 snap option is available.

Options include:

  • Quasar IIS “Shorty” Container – 2” shorter, holds the same size canopies
  • Non-articulated Harness
  • Competition Accuracy Harness
  • *Custom Embroidery
  • Monkey Fist Main Pilot Chute Handle
  • Type 8 Risers
  • Type 8 Chest Strap
  • ROL Pilot Chute Location
  • Standard (non-collapsible) Main Pilot Chute
  • *B-12 snaps
  • *Matching Pack Mat
  • *Matching Gear Bag

*Additional Cost