Quasar II
Quasar II
Price: $2,379.00
Quasar II or IIS:
Quasar II
Quasar IIS
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The elegant design of this sport rig makes it the best choice for the skydiver who demands the highest quality and the best service from a gear manufacturer. The custom fit rewards you with full range of motion, while the arrangement and balance of the riser covers and container flaps make the Quasar II easy to pack.

The Quasar II offers container sizes to accept square reserves with pack volumes of 265-700 cu. in. Main containers will accept canopies with pack volumes up to 800 cubic in. The Quasar II is shipped complete with:

  • 1", Type 17 Main risers
  • Strongs' patented Kill Line
  • Collapsible main pilot chute
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve ripcord
  • Main and reserve deployment bags
  • Main and reserve toggles
  • Owners manual


Hardware is nickel plated, looks great and is long lasting. Our unique tuck flap design protects your pins, yet allows for easy gear checks. Narrow yoke improves fit and secures rig on your back. Reserve is easy to pack and looks great! Metal cable housings are comfortable, safe, and user-friendly. Double wide leg straps for added comfort. Cypres™ ready. 1” mini-risers are standard. Custom step-in harness with option for B-12 snaps. Comes with RSL and molar type reserve free bag.

The Quasar IIS is approximately 2" shorter than the standard Quasar II, yet holds the same size canopies. Other available options include: