Surplus C-9 Canopy
Surplus C-9 Canopy
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This Air Force Issue 28' C-9 canopy has the standard 4-Color fabric scheme. (Gores 1-10= International orange, Gores 11-20= White, Gores 21-24= Sand, Gores 25-28= Olive green)

They are surplus military supplies so prices vary. They are thoroughly inspected prior to being packed into our containers. As there is no life limit on these magnificent parachutes they are able to be used as long as the inspecting rigger who does the FAA required inspection finds no problems with the parachute.

The C-9 is standard on Para-Cushion L-39 System. These canopies can also be used in the Para-Cushion 304 and 306.

Canopy Shape Flat Circular   Canopy Material 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon
Size (diameter) 28' (8.5m) Number of Gores 28
Suspension Line Material Type III Line Length 22'10" (7m)
Suspension Line Strength 550 lbs (250kg)