Para-Cushion 303 Back

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Para-Cushion 303 Back


303 Back is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is at a minimum and moving forward in the cockpit is not restricted.  303 Back comes with:


303 Back measures 24" (60 cm) tall by 16" (40 cm) wide by 3" (7 cm) thick* and weighs approximately 15 lbs (6.5 kg)**. In many cases, by removing the back cushion of the seat pan, the pilot may place 303 Back in its place.

*with 26 FT Mid-Lite canopy; 4.5" (11.43 cm) thick with 30 FT Lo-Po canopy

**with 26 FT Mid-Lite canopy; 19.5 lbs (8.85 kg) with 30 FT Lo-Po canopy

Choose our Standard Harness or the Aerobatic Harness at no additional charge.

303 Back with Mid-Lite installed is limited to 254 lbs & 150 knots

303 Back with 30 FT Lo-Po installed is limited to 300 lbs & 175 knots


Choose from our standard Colors:  Black, Smoke, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Olive Drab, or "Vintage." Or view our Current Stock List .  Custom colors may be available at an additional cost.

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  • Lumbar Support Pad
  • G-Pad Cushion
  • Custom Embroidery

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