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Para-Cushion Acro Pro


Acro Pro is designed with Aerobatic Pilots in mind. At just 14 lbs., this lightweight, thin, and comfortable model supports the pilot during high G maneuvers while maintaining comfort and safety.  Smaller Pilots love to pair Acro Pro with our Lo-Po Lite Canopy, creating one of the smallest, lightest systems on the market. Acro Pro comes with:


Acro Pro, measures 21"  tall by 13"  wide by 3.5"  thick and weighs approximately 14 lbs . In many cases, by removing the back cushion of the seat pan, the pilot may place Acro Pro in its place.

Choose our Standard Harness or the Aerobatic Harness at no additional charge.

AcroPro with Mid-Lite or Lo-Po Lite installed is limited to 254 lbs & 150 knots.

AcroPro is not compatible with 30 FT Lo-Po.


Choose from our standard Colors:  Black, Smoke, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Olive Drab, or "Vintage." Or view our Current Stock List .  Custom colors may be available at an additional cost.

  • Capewell Riser Releases
  • Aero Pad
  • Cobra Buckles
  • Quick Ejector Snaps
  • Sheepskin Back Pad
  • Lumbar Support Pad
  • G-Pad Cushion
  • Custom Embroidery

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