AirCrew Multi-Use Emergency System

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AirCrew Multi-Use Emergency System


When there is a need for work in close proximity to an open airplane door, safety is the most important thing. Our AirCrew Emergency System integrates an emergency parachute with a floor-anchored safety harness & safety lanyard.  Compatible with the Aircrew CYPRES 2 AAD, this modern system greatly reduces risk to Military Crew Members and maximizes efficiency.

The Aircrew Emergency Parachute system is a multi-role system designed to enhance Crew safety during in-flight cargo operations. The system consists of an emergency bail-out parachute and a crew restraint harness with optional safety lanyard.


The system is a modified 303 Para-Cushion, with our patented Pop Top pilot chute which allows the pilot chute to be deployed without interference from flaps while providing superior pin protection. The AirCrew Emergency Parachute system features Confor© foam allowing the wearer an increased level of comfort not achieved with most other systems.
The fully-adaptable, fully-customizable system can use existing aircraft retention cables or use a stand alone lanyard, which can be customized to suit individual needs.
Should the need arise, the AirCrew Emergency Parachute system can be used as an emergency parachute. Just don the system and exit the aircraft - no modifications are needed.
The AirCrew Emergency Parachute system uses the 26 FT Mid-Lite or 30 FT Lo-Po steerable canopy, which features a deployment diaper allowing parachute deployment to be properly staged for enhanced reliability.

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Survival Equipment Pocket
This storage pocket is built into the container to hold small personnel items. Common items include: cell phone, signal mirror, energy bar, and small first-aid kit. **Custom Order Required, Not a Stock Option.**

ELT Pocket
This pocket is built into the system and holds the pilots ELT system. **Custom Order Required, Not a Stock Option.**

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