MTTB w/Load Assisted Release System (LARS)

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MTTB w/Load Assisted Release System (LARS)


Military Tandem Tethered Bundle with Load Assisted Release System (MTTB-LARS Gen 5) System, used by governments around the world, is a parachute cargo delivery system that allows a single Tandem Parachutist to deliver payloads up to 400 lbs. Also available in Free Fall Bundle configuration.

When the mission calls for added cargo carrying capacity has developed the MTTB to allow Operators to carry additional and/or unusual size cargo.


The cargo may be delivered by:

  • Landing with the Parachutist.
  • Being released into freefall (normally only in an emergency)
  • Static Line release during canopy flight


MTTB/LARS is a manually operated parachute cargo delivery system fitted with a 30-foot diameter canopy. The canopy is directly connected to the payload by a tether harness, with a swivel device incorporated to prevent twists. The cargo harness secures the payload with five lateral straps and two longitudinal straps. The straps can be quickly removed from the tether by the barrel harness quick-release box. Additional straps are provided for a cruise box container.

Range of Operation
Normal freefall parachute operational limitations apply with the MTTB/LARS. There are no altitude or speed restrictions, although opening altitudes are generally higher for additional safety.


Military Freefall qualified Parachutists can be trained in the operation and use of the MTTB system in conjunction with the' TNT or Dual Hawk Tandem System.

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