SB#32 Icarus Main Canopy

Superseded by SB#34

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Icarus 364, 365 and 400 main canopies use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System.

STATUS: Optional. Strong Enterprises approves the use of the Icarus 364, 365 and 400 for use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System under Service Bulletin 22, dated February 20, 1997.

IDENTIFICATION: Dual Hawk Tandem System P/N 103000 through 103005 with the two loop closing system.

BACKGROUND: During the past 3 months tests have been undergone to ensure the pack volume, fit, and function of the Icarus 364 in the Dual Hawk Tandem. After ensuring the packing method and pack volume were compatible with the Dual Hawk System over 30 jumps were performed solo, with sandbags, and with live passengers. Throughout all tests the canopy performed as desired.

In accordance with Service Bulletin #22 the Icarus 364, 365 and 400 main canopies are now considered an approved component of the Dual Hawk Tandem System.

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 2, 2012

DISTRIBUTION: Manufacturer, FAA, USPA, PIA Tech Comm. and Rigging Comm., Foreign Parachute Organizations, all Dual Hawk Tandem Examiners and Instructors, Parachutist,,

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