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DZ Markers


DZ Markers are versatile, lightweight, self-contained, and durable. They allow instant set up of a target anywhere. Made in International Orange and Florescent Yellow colors, these bright and visible markers can be seen for miles. They are customizable and can be set up any way desired: box, arrow, line, cross, etc. While large when displayed, the markers pack up small to be easily portable. Each 4' x 10' panel packs into a pouch that is 9" x 12" round and soft.

How it works

Each marker has reflective tape on all corners and loops at the corners for instant target placement.

Undo tie, pull out end of panel, pull out stakes, stake corners on one end, stretch out, stake at opposite end.

Pull out stakes, stow stakes in inner pouch, Stuff panel in pouch, pull draw string, and go!

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