SB#13 Slider Stops

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Defective Slider Stops

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: All ram-air main and reserve parachute canopies manufactured by Strong Enterprises prior to July 1, 1991

BACKGROUND: A total of three canopies have been reported with slider stops "out of round" i.e. having a flat side, potentially allowing a slider grommet to pass over the stop and hang up causing a streamer malfunction.

SERVICE BULLITEN: This is a one-time inspection. Unpack the canopy and use your fingers to feel the slider stop discs (six per canopy) at the lower edge of the stabilizer panels, Any disc with a detectable "flat" side must be replaced and reported to Strong. Free replacement stops are available upon request (with serial number). Permanently mark the outside of each slider stop pocket with "INSP" or similar, and log bulletin compliance on the data card.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Reserve canopy: Senior or Master parachute rigger with back rating or parachute loft with canopy rating; must log inspection compliance on data card. Main canopy: Owner or rigger.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Immediate; prior to next jump.

DISTRIBUTION: USPA, PIA, Skydiving, Parachutist, Para Newsbrief, Tandem Newsletter, Strong Dealers, USPA affiliated Drop Zones, Tandem Owners,

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