SB#22 Unapproved Components

Superseded by SB#34 and Strong Tandem Recertification Requirements

Service Bulletins

ITEM:  A) Dual Hawk Tandem, Use of Unapproved Components B) Dual Hawk Tandem Service Life

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Dual Hawk Tandem Systems; PN 103000 through 103005 (Dwg No. 1151 & 68E10001).

BACKGROUND: A) Strong Enterprises has determined that Dual Hawk Tandem Systems with components not approved by Strong Enterprises present a hazard that is not acceptable for tandem jumping. B) The rapid improvements of the Dual Hawk Tandem System have shown considerable safety enhancements. It is also evident that most systems older than eight years have considerable wear and deterioration with loss of performance and could pose a threat to the users.

SERVICE BULLITEN: A) Only components approved by Strong Enterprises may be used on the Dual Hawk Tandem System for tandem jumping. B) All Dual Hawk Tandem Systems shall have a service life of eight years from date of manufacture or be returned to Strong Enterprises for re-inspection and recertification. It may then be placed back into service for five years. This service bulletin does not change the requirements for periodic inspections and maintenance as outlined in the FAA Exemption or manufacturers instructions.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Equipment owner, Strong Enterprises Tandem Instructor, Senior or Master Rigger or foreign equivalent.


DISTRIBUTION: All Dual Hawk Tandem System owners, national aero clubs, PIA, USPA, Skydiving, Parachutist,

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