SB#23 Disconnect RSL

Service Bulletins

ITEM: Disconnection of the RSL

STATUS: Compliance optional

IDENTIFICATION: Dual Hawk Tandem Systems: PN 103000 through 103005 (Dwg. No. 1151). All serial numbers.

BACKGROUND: Through the development of tandem jumping equipment, the integration of an reserve lanyard system (RSL) has been both required and beneficial. In recent years the addition of a Cypres AAD and since 1 November, 1994, the requirement of the Cypres has made the requirement of an RSL less critical. A recent tandem accident is in part attributed to the RSL.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Disconnecting the Dual Hawk Tandem RSL is now authorized by Strong Enterprises. Complete removal of the RSL is not necessary. Disconnect; the RSL by opening the shackle, removing the yellow RSL webbing and folding it back up 3 to 4 inches under the Velcro reserve riser cover flap. It is important for Tandem Instructors that will be using the Dual Hawk Tandem System with the RSL disconnected to review emergency reserve procedures. Procedures should incorporate touching all handles in sequence (drogue release handle, cut-away handle, reserve ripcord) as soon as the drogue is deployed. This should be performed on each and every tandem jump. It is also equally important that verification is performed before each jump that the Cypres AAD unit is turned on.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Equipment owner, Strong Enterprises Tandem Instructor, Senior or Master Rigger or foreign equivalent.


DISTRIBUTION: All Dual Hawk Tandem System owners on record, national aero clubs, PIA, USPA, Parachutist, Skydiving,

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