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TNT Tandem


TNT was designed with you in mind! We listened to our Customers and improved upon three decades of Tandem equipment innovation to make TNT a step above the rest.  Setting the new standard in comfort, the container is padded in all the right places and fits uniformly around the body.  Adjustable main lift webs allow for a perfect fit a wide range of Tandem Instructor sizes!  The familiar balanced center drogue attachment has been redesigned to keep the container snugly against the Tandem Instructor throughout free fall.


TNT container is made from the best materials available. The Cordura is strong enough to last for thousands of jumps, while the harness is made with strong webbing helping to keep both Instructor and Student secure during their jump. Configure your TNT System with any of the following:

  • Harness/Container
  • Student Harness
  • SET-400 or SET-366 or T-364 Main Parachute with risers
  • Patronus Reserve
  • Reserve Toggles
  • Drogue
  • Cutaway Handle
  • Reserve Ripcord
  • Air Anchor/RSL
  • Instructor and Student Ripcords
  • Main ALS Bag
  • Reserve Deployment Bag with Pilot Chute

Trade-In Program

You can trade in your older components for a discount! We allow trade-ins for the Master Reserve, Harness/Container, SET-366 and SET-400 Main canopies as well as the Student Harness. Trade-in of Tandem gear from any manufacturer accepted.


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