Icarus Canopies Soon To Be Approved In Strong’s Tandem Systems

Sunday, December 11, 2011 | News Archives

We have negotiated agreements with NZ Aerosports to manufacture the Icarus Tandem canopy here at our facility in Orlando, FL. Our companies are working collectively to prepare for this exciting development. As preparations move ahead we will be announcing our release date, which is expected to be very soon.

The Strong SET-400 & SET-366 Tandem canopies have proven their reliability and performance over the last decade. We are making room for the addition of other manufactures to prove the same reliability and performance. NZ Aerosports is the first company to step up and take the necessary steps Strong Enterprises requires to have their canopies approved in our Tandem systems.

The changes you’re seeing now and will see coming soon from Strong Enterprises are directly from the feedback our customers (you) have given us over the years. Our goal is to continue to expand our product line offering our customers the best in quality, reliability and performance.

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