SB#20 Stellar Reserve

Thursday, May 4, 1995 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Stellar Reserve Canopy Recall

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: All Strong Enterprises Stellar ram-air reserve canopies manufactured prior to 01 May 1995; these include part nos. 430120, 430140, 430160, 430180, 430200, 430220 and 430240.

BACKGROUND: The bonding on some suspension lines (not control lines) may cause the lines to stick together. Although TSO "freeze and bake" environmental tests were performed without problem, field experience has made us rethink the use of this line.

SERVICE BULLETIN: All canopies will have their current lines replaced with unbonded lines at no charge to the owner. Converted canopies will have their data panels permanently marked "Service Bulletin 20 complied," and bulletin compliance will be logged on the data card. You may elect either of the following: (1) Return canopy prepaid to factory for line replacement; we will reimburse shipping cost. We will include repack at no charge if complete rig is sent. We will return canopy the same way you send it to us (UPS, airfreight, etc.) or you may pay the difference to expedite delivery. We anticipate 3 day turnarounds. "OR" (2) Free replacement line sets and instructions are available from Strong Enterprises upon request (with serial number). We will reimburse owner $100 upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of installation and repack.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.

COMPLIANCE DATE: By June 10, 1995.

DISTRIBUTION: Owners on record, national aero clubs, FAA, PIA, USPA, Skydiving, Parachutist.

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