SB#24 Dual Hawk Tandem 20.5" Flex Pin Replacement

Friday, October 26, 2001 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Dual Hawk Tandem 20.5" Flex Pin Replacement

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Dual Hawk Tandem 20.5" Flex Pin Part No. 780019 used on two-loop closing system. Manufactured from 24 August, 2000 to 26 October 2001.

BACKGROUND: Strong Enterprises has found some Flex Pins that have cable strands nicked at the swedge during manufacture. Frayed or nicked strands of cable are difficult to see under the swedge and heat shrink tubing.

There has been one report of the cable broken at time of main packing. If the flex pin fails at drogue release, it could cause a drogue in tow malfunction. As a precaution Strong Enterprises is sending replacement 20.5" flex pins to all Dual Hawk Tandem owners on record who are using the 2-pin closing loop system.

SERVICE BULLITEN: All 20.5" flex Pins manufactured from 24 August, 2000 to 26 October 2001 will be replaced at no charge with new 20.5" flex pins identified with clear heat shrink tubing over the swedge. The replacement flex pins can be easily installed by removing the older (black shrink tubing) flex pin. Installation time takes approximately two minutes and should be done before the next jump. Free replacement flex pins are enclosed with this Service Bulletin. Please return the old Flex Pins to Strong Enterprises.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Rigger, Packer, or Tandem Instructor.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Dec. 31, 2001

DISTRIBUTION: Mailing to all Dual Hawk Owners who have:

  • a) Purchased Dual Hawk Tandem systems with 2-loop closing system. (PN 103002)
  • b) Purchased 2-loop closing system as an installation kit. (PN 480055)
  • c) Owners who have received additional 20.5" flex pins as replacements. (PN 780019)
  • d) Received replacement Drogues. (PN 480026)
  • e) Sent gear to Strong for repair and received updated containers. (PN 099230)
  • f) Sent a drogue to Strong for repair and received update. (PN 099418)
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