SB#25 Y-Mod to DHT Passenger Harness

Thursday, March 1, 2007 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Y Modification (Y-Mod) to Dual Hawk Tandem System Passenger Harness (P/N 998025).

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: The Y-Mod Tandem Passenger harness modification is required to be installed on all Dual Hawk Tandem Passenger Harnesses.

BACKGROUND: The Y-Mod has been added to prevent the student/passenger from falling out of the student/passenger harness, in any event where adjustments on the student/passenger harness are not adjusted per Instructor manufacturer guidelines. The Y-Mod does not change the original fitting instructions of the Dual Hawk Tandem System passenger harness. The Y-Mod is an additional step after proper harness fitting is achieved.

Tandem Instructors are responsible to assure a proper fit of the harness, it's comfort and safety as well as the entire performance of the tandem jump for themselves and the student/passenger. The procedure of fitting the harness must be accomplished on the ground, where adjustments in proper harness fit can comfortably be made, thoroughly checked and verified, before boarding the aircraft.

FACTORS: On May 27, 2006, a tandem passenger fatality occurred, in which the student/passenger slipped out of the harness backwards between the back diagonal straps and the horizontal back strap during main canopy deployment. Video footage of the drogue fall shows the student/passenger's horizontal back strap was intentionally located under at least one leg strap (between leg strap and passengers leg), not around the lower back as intended. Also, the main lift webs, diagonal back straps and lower attachment points from the tandem instructor to the student/passenger harness are all out to the maximum length.

SERVICE BULLITEN: ALL Dual Hawk Tandem Student/Passenger Harness must have the Y-Mod installed. All Dual Hawk Tandem Owners who have not complied with previous requests to install the Y-Mod on their student/passenger harness must do so to comply with this Service Bulletin.

There are two methods of accomplishing this modification:

1. Send the Passenger harness to Strong Enterprises or a certified Strong Tandem Re-Certification Center for inspection and Y modification.

2. Purchase the Y-Mod kit (PN: 998025) from Strong Enterprises. This Y-Mod Kit is intended for qualified master riggers and parachute lofts for installation on Passenger harnesses.

You can download the Y-Mod Adjustment Instructions as well as a map of our Strong Tandem Re-Certification Centers under the 'Additional Forms' tab on this page.

If additional information is required, please contact:

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent or Strong Authorized Re-Certification Center.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Mandatory in US by December 31, 2008 - Mandatory Internationally by December 31, 2011

DISTRIBUTION: FAA, USPA, Foreign Parachute Organizations, Dual Hawk Tandem owners on record, Parachutist, Strong Tandem Re-Certification Centers,

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