SB#26 Flingers

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Quasar II, P/N115100, Quasar II Trainer P/N115102, Military Quasar II P/N 115103.

STATUS: Mandatory removal of ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly and replacement of inner sub-flap with pilot chute Base Plate and pilot chute before next jump.

IDENTIFICATION: All Quasar II harness/container systems. Including both Quasar IIs with ‘Flinger/PRO’ (Positive Reserve Opening) assembly installed as original installation or modification, and those without.

BACKGROUND: Recent on-the-ground activations of several Quasar II reserve containers with the main canopy still in the container, showed slow or impeded pilot chute activation. There have been no reports of in-air incidents. Repeated tests with the main tray open and riser covers off (simulating an open main to reserve cutaway), resulted in clean reserve pilot chute deployments clearing the reserve container. Further testing revealed the steel ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly may take a set beyond the designed acceptable range, restricting movement of the side flaps and reserve pilot chute.

SERVICE BULLETIN: As a precautionary measure, Strong Enterprises requests that all Quasar II systems be returned to Strong Enterprises for modification, that includes:

  • 1. Removal of the steel ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly.
  • 2. Top sub-flap replacement (improved with a Base Plate.)
  • 3. Pilot chute replacement.

This modification resolves the risk of a reserve pilot chute hang-up during reserve activation when the main is still enclosed and ensures a more positive activation of the pilot chute.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Strong Enterprises -- Basic required components needed: Quasar II harness/container and reserve pilot chute. Main or reserve canopies are not required, please remove before shipping. Quasar II systems will be modified on a first come, first served basis. All efforts will be made to return the Quasar II in a timely manner. Strong Enterprises will provide this modification at no cost with compliance from April 18 to September 30, 2007. The Quasar II system will be returned by the same method it was received.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Before next jump.

DISTRIBUTION:, Parachutist, Skydiving Magazine, Drop, PIA, APF, CSPA and FAA

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