SB#29 Argus AAD

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Thursday, October 2, 2008 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Argus Automatic Activation Device (AAD), testing and approval for use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System.

STATUS: Limited approval of use in Dual Hawk Tandem System of Argus AAD Units manufactured after 05/2007.

IDENTIFICATION: Argus AAD Unit: FW-01, DoM 05/2007 2-Pin Cutters: 092666-119A/06 DoM 04/2006. 092773 373A/07 DoM 01/2007. 092773 024A/07 DoM 01/2007.

BACKGROUND:Strong Enterprises was asked to provide approval for the Argus AAD for use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System. It has always been Strong Enterprises' policy to test products and components in real environments before approving any item for general tandem use with the Dual Hawk Tandem System.

In 2007 and 2008 Strong Enterprises completed four drop-sessions with the Argus AAD in which approximately eight drops were performed. Each drop was performed with the Argus on Tandem mode.

NOTE:Tandem mode is required for all tandem jumps.

The last session, April 15 thru 17, 2008 involved three drops:

#1. No drogue, 500lbs (226Kg), altitude 7,246 Ft. (2258m) AGL. Max speed 194mph (312Km/hr). Reserve activation achieved, canopy open by 1750 Ft (533.4m).

#2. With drogue, 500lbs (226Kg), altitude 7,246Ft. (2258m) AGL, Max speed 147mph (236.5Km/hr). Reserve activation achieved, canopy open by 1750Ft (533.4m).

#3. With drogue, 500lbs (226Kg), altitude 3,000Ft. (914m) AGL. Max speed 105mph (169Km/hr). Reserve activation achieved, canopy open by 1900Ft (579m).

SERVICE BULLITEN: This service bulletin authorizes use of the Argus AAD DoM 05/2007 or later and Dual Cutters DoM 01/2007 or later, when installed in accordance with the Dual Hawk Tandem Manual installation guidelines, P/N510045, Sec. 5.1 and Argus User's Guide. As previously noted, the Argus AAD is only approved for the Dual Hawk Tandem System when used in Tandem Mode.

Limitation: As with any add-on component, Strong Enterprises assumes no liability nor makes any guarantees that the equipment will function as intended if installed correctly.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Senior or Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.

APPROVAL DATE: September 5, 2008

DISTRIBUTION: Manufacturer, FAA, USPA, Foreign Parachute Organizations, Dual Hawk owners on record, Parachutist, Skydiving Magazine,

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