Teds New Tandem (TNT) Container

Teds New Tandem (TNT) Container

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 | News Archives

We have designed the TNT with you in mind! The container fits snuggly around the body and is padded in all the right places to provide the most comfortable system available. The instructor harness is fully adjustable with eight points of adjustment making it the perfect system for Instructors of any size, and the newly designed passenger harness give the students free range of motion while keeping them secure and safe.

Strong Enterprises drive for safety is apparent throughout the design. We made clear replaceable windows to cover the AAD, reserve pin, and main pin making it quick and easy to ensure all pins are set and the AAD is activated.

We use a simple, yet highly effective main assisted reserve deployment (MARD) system called the Air Anchor. The Air Anchor is part of the RSL so there is no special or extra equipment needed! During a cutaway the Air Anchor activates when the main canopy has more drag than the departing reserve pilot chute reducing time and altitude lost by as much as 50%. With no complicated rigging required the Air Anchor is simply the best safety system available!

Another enhancement of the TNT is the H-style drogue attachment. This design keeps the drogue centered allowing a natural belly to earth position (instead of a head-down position like some systems) without the split sometimes seen with the Dual hawk.

With all these great new features you know you want it! We've got it! So get yours today!!!

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