SB#12 DHT Drogue Bridle Pin

Friday, December 7, 1990 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Dual Hawk Tandem Drogue Bridle Pin Location

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: 6-gore drogue part no. 480016 with 1 1/2-inch wide Kevlar bridle, manufactured before November 1990; used on Strong Enterprises Dual Tandem Hawk. This bulletin does not affect the Student Hawk solo drogue, PN 480017.

BACKGROUND: Pin too close to ring may cause premature openings; pin too close to bag creates potential for drogue-in-tow.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Measure the distance from the confluence wrap to the eye of the pin (Dimension A on attached drawing). Also measure the distance from the eye of the pin to the close edge of the forged ring (Dimension B). If Dimension A is 3 inches (76 mm) or more and Dimension B is 15 inches (380 mm) or more, then continue to use drogue "as is." If Dimension A is more than 3 1/8 inches (79 mm) and Dim. B is less than 15", move the type IV tape and pin toward the "bag" end of the bridle so Dimension A is 3 inches - 0, +1/8 (76-79 mm). Note that Dimension B may be less than 15 inches (380 mm) after modification; this is acceptable. Mark "-2" and the date of modification on the underside of the type IV tape to indicate compliance.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Master parachute rigger or parachute loft.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Inspection is recommended prior to next jump; modification, if necessary, should be accomplished within 120 days.

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