SB#15 Drogue Bridle

Wednesday, January 8, 1992 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Drogue Bridle Reinforcement Stitching

STATUS: Mandatory

IDENTIFICATION: Strong Enterprises main drogue, part no. 480016, serial numbers: 109809-109917, manufactured Sept. 1-Dec. 24, 1991, and those that have had factory drogue canopy or bridle replacements during the same time period.

BACKGROUND: We have experienced one in-flight drogue failure resulting in main pack closure, with successful reserve ride.

SERVICE BULLITEN: Add two rows of ziz-zag stitching at top of Kevlar bridle, per attached drawing.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Owner, senior, master parachute rigger or parachute loft.

COMPLIANCE DATE: Immediately, prior to next jump.

DISTRIBUTION: Specific DHT owners of record, customers,

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