SB#31 Argus AAD

Superseded by SB#34

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | Service Bulletins

ITEM: Argus AAD, manufactured by Aviacom SA/NV use in Strong Skydiving Systems.

STATUS: Mandatory. Strong Enterprises withdraws approval (SB #29) for ARGUS AAD use in Dual Hawk Tandem, under Service Bulletin #22, dated February 20, 1997. See: FAA Part 65.129(e).

IDENTIFICATION: Dual Hawk Tandem System P/N 103000 through 103005. We do not approve the Argus AAD’s to be used in any of Strong Enterprises skydiving systems.

BACKGROUND: At least four documented instances of ARGUS AAD units have been recorded where the units have fired and the cutter failed to fully cut the reserve closing loop. These instances have been worldwide and documented with photographs of partially cut reserve loops. This failure mode subjects users to an extreme hazard and possibly death by not being able to activate the reserve parachute at all.

FAA, Part 65.129 (e) states, “No certificated parachute rigger may pack, maintain, or alter a parachute in any manner that deviates from the procedures approved by the administrator or the manufacturer of the parachute.”

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Senior or Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.

COMPLIANCE DATE: March 29, 2011

DISTRIBUTION: Manufacturer, FAA, USPA, PIA Tech Comm. and Rigging Comm., Foreign Parachute Organizations, all Dual Hawk Tandem Examiners and Instructors, Dual Hawk Tandem owners on record, Parachutist,

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